Iraa Virgin Coconut Oil

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    Extracted from fresh coconut meat, IRAA is 100% pure and natural, non-fractionated, unmodified. Being processed without any chemical treatment IRAA Coconut Virgin Oil retains the fresh and natural scent of coconuts Lauric acid, a fatty acid, is the major ingredient in the coconut virgin oil. It is a good moisturizer and an acne-fighter with strong anti-microbial properties. It is also perfect for feeding all hair types especially dry hair.

    • For oily skin: not recommended
    • For dry skin: Apply after bath
    • For extra dry skin: Apply 30 minutes before bath and within 1 minute after bath.
    • Use daily for best result.

    How to use effectively (Hair)

    • For Normal hair: Apply 10 minutes before bath.
    • For dry hair: Apply 20 minutes before bath
    • For extra dry hair: Apply 35 minutes before bath and massage well.
    • Use mild shampoo if needed

    Benefits of IRAA Coconut Virgin Oil

    • Naturally scented IRAA Coconut Virgin Oil is very nourishing and helps repair the damaged tissues of the body. Other Benefits are:
    • It fights against skin dehydration
    • Smoothens and calms redness.
    • Contains anti- ageing and anti-wrinkle properties
    • Nourishes your skin with vitamin E and K
    • Provides cooling effect to the body and suitable for dry, damaged, cracked, rough or lacking elasticity skin.
    • Helps nourishing the hair cuticle to make hair shiny and healthy hair. Ideal for dry, lifeless, dull and split ends hair.

    Active ingredients

    • Vitamin A: Protects tissues from degeneration.
    • Vitamin E: Acts as a natural antioxidant.